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The K-Method Training Group is empowering Dealerships with the tools and support they need to establish their own In-House Solution to take control of their workforce training & development.

K-Method Offers a New Approach to Deliver & Access Training

Dealership Coaching & Performance Improvement Training

“Sometimes all you need is just a screw driver…not a bag of tools”

That’s the purpose of this program. Short courses packed with information designed to address a specific performance or process related issue. Learn more

Dealership Position, Skill, & Process Related Training Programs

Complete training programs designed to teach, reinforce and improve your team’s knowledge of the specific strategies they need to do their jobs daily. Learn more

The Complete Dealership Training Solution

“This Program is the Best of what we have to Offer!”

A combination of both offers and more that includes unlimited access to all available programs & services. It is designed to be the Training Arm of your dealership that equips managers with the training, tools, resources & support they need to continually coach & develop their teams. Learn more

About Our Professional Tools, Training & Support Services

Offering Skills, Systems & Process Training Programs for the Ongoing Development & Continuing Education of Dealership Professionals

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  • The Training Curriculum

    Our Comprehensive library of training courses includes pre-built learning plans for performance and skill development for professionals in the Sales, Service, BDC departments and more.

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  • Continuous Improvement Resource

    Providing the Training & Tools for Process Design, Documentation & Implementation; Coaching & Support to Implement Frameworks for Employees to Follow and Managers to Manage

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  • Workshops & Webinars

    Our Live Workshops & Webinars are an extension of our online training center offering instructor led courses to address the critical skill sets dealerships depend on daily.

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  • Managers As Coaches & Trainers

    Train the Trainer. Teaching Managers How to Use Our On-Demand Pre-Built Training Courses to Improve Skills and Performance Related Issues Preventing Their Team from Reaching Their Full Potential.

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