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Dealership Workforce Training Solutions

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Dealership Workforce Training Solution

Providing Professional Development & Performance Improvement Training For Dealership Professionals

What is K-Method and Who Do We Serve?

K-Method (the Kurtis Method) is a comprehensive strategy for educating business professionals, regardless of skill level, with a proven road-map of how to: Develop multiple prospect sources – Maintain client relationships - Manage a growing book of business. The proprietary training courses teach sales professionals how to correctly leverage technology as well as utilize frameworks and templates to become competent business development professionals.

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Why Consider K-Method For Your Training Solution?

Because every day in every dealership without exception, there are teachable moments that when left unchecked rob businesses of untold revenue. See how simple & easy it is to elevate your team’s effectiveness in the critical areas that affect the customer experience and your profits.

What Makes K-Method's Training Solution Different?

It's our approach to training that leverages PSSEs' systems and processes to produce consistent & measurable results that are predictable, repeatable and track-able.

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Professional Standards for Sales Excellence (PSSE) was created to teach Dealership Professionals the specific Skills, Systems & Processes needed to excel at their jobs daily. It connects the skills to the specific frameworks needed to develop business, maintain client relationships, and engage in the activities that ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Check Out Some of Our Training Programs & Solutions!

From training for New Hires to skills and process improvement courses in both variable and fixed operations; to specific coaching courses designed to address the behaviors affecting the Key Performance Indicators of your SSI & CSI scores.

Benefits of Implementing the K-Method Training Solution!

  • 24/7 Access

    Access training instantly at your finger tips, whether it’s on your smart phone, tablet or laptop, you will have access to training anytime.

  • HR Approved

    All training become a part of the individual’s professional development record to be leveraged as part of a ongoing coaching & development strategy.

  • Training Dashboard

    Our solution is Human Resource friendly. We use state of art Learning Management System (LMS) for training transparency and accountability.

  • Q&A Coaching Sessions

    Our approach is more than just video training. Our members have access to virtual coaching sessions held weekly to get the coaching they need.

Choose The Solution That's Right For You...

We know that one size does not fit all, choose the one that's right for you or give us a call to tailor the program that will perfectly fit your organization's needs.

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