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"Every Day, In Every Dealership, Without Exception, There Are Teachable Moments That When Left Unchecked, Rob Businesses of Untold Revenue."

Kurtis Smith, Speaker - Author - Trainer

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Professional Development And Performance Improvement Training For The Entire Dealership

See how simple & cost effective it is to get your team on the right track for your business and your customer experience.

Each training program consists of multiple courses that are designed to teach and improve the effectivness of every member on the team.

We Teach You To Train...

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Choose from a selection of training programs designed to teach, reinforce and improve the knowledge base and skill sets of your entire dealership.

Learn how your dealership can get unlimited access to our library of training courses, tools and resources to continually develop and grow your team.

  • Self-Pace Curriculum

    Our training academy is an online learning center with access to its content 24/7 and was created with busy professionals like you in mind.

  • Learn On Any Device

    Access training instantly at your finger tips, whether it’s on your smart phone, tablet or laptop, you will have access to training anytime.

  • Certification Programs

    Our learning plans are designed with logical step by step approach to learning utilizing videos, workbooks and knowledge verification.

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About Our Training Curriculum

Create A Culture of Learning & Professional Excellence

We provide dealerships with training programs or learning plans to train and develop their personnel from the BDC departments to the Sales Teams to Customer Service personnel.

A Fully Stocked Training Resource Center

Think of us as the extended Training Arm of your dealership.

We provide managers with a comprehensive training solution that includes pre-built learning plans for every member of the team. Training can be focused around a department, position or a specific skill depending on the unique needs of the individual or the team.  Now dealership managers can access training on demand.

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Your CIP Training Resource Tool Kit

A Training Resource for your Continuous Improvement Program

Ongoing personnel development depends on the availability of ready-made training courses to teach best practices, correct performance & behavior issues, as well as reinforce those best practices in order to impact the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that's being tracked.

We'll Provide You With The Tools & Resources...

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Dealership Training Doesn't Have To Be Expensive Or Complicated To Be Effective!

Take advantage of the same type of training technology major corporations utilize to manage their personnel development

Our comprehensive training programs consists of a vast amout of resources and tools which include the training videos accompanied by workbooks, process charts, templates, quizzes, reporting tools and much more to ensure that the training sticks.

  • Our Training Programs

    Our programs are designed to teach dealership professionals the skills, systems and processes that are needed to perform at a higher level to in turn impact the customer experience and the bottom line.

  • Our Course Content

    Our courses were created as standalone lessons so that the professional can gain a full understanding of the subject matter in a step by step format that will lead them to achieving skill mastery.

  • Our Measurements & Metrics

    Each lesson plan that is assigned becomes a part of the individual’s professional development and continuing education record that can be tracked and managed by the group manager in charge of a team.

"Every Day In Every Dealership, without exception, there are teachable moments..."

Kurtis Smith,
Director of Training, Consulting & Content Development

Isn't It Time We Changed the Way We Approach Personnel Professional Development... Forever!

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Are You Ready To Take A Closer Look, Do You Need More Information?

Check out these frequently asked questions...

Are your training programs only for dealerships?

No – All the training programs are designed to teach the professional what they need to know in order to successfully build and maintain a profitable book of business, regardless of the industry they work in.

Do you offer on-going coaching and support with your training?

Yes – I offer various levels of coaching and support depending on the level of interaction the individual or entity will need. Please reach out to us to discuss your unique needs.

Can you customize your training materiel to fit our corporate culture & specific objectives?

Yes – On a case by case basis I do customize the curriculum to cater to the specific needs of industries and large specialty organizations.

How is your training program and tools different from everyone else?

This is not off the shelf repackaged training… All the programs offered were built from the ground up to serve as the blueprint for teaching selling professionals the specific skills, systems and processes they will need to build a solid practice.

How long will I have access to the training after I make a purchase?

All purchases come with a one year access to the online learning center.

If we buy an individual subscription and the person does not work out, is it transferable?

Yes- We understand that companies have turnover, so certain programs come with a transferable subscription with access for one full year after the date of purchase.

Isn't It Time For A New Perspective For Training?

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